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Group Dinner

To ensure the quality and speed of our dishes for you and our other guests, for group reservations larger than 10 persons we work with our MaMa’s Favourites menu. This 3-course menu, selected by our executive chef, has all the signature dishes of Mama Kelly. The menu will also be available in the restaurant for the guests to choose from at the day/night of the reservation.
The MaMa’s Favourites menu has a set price of € 49.50, excluding drinks, and is served with French Fries of the Frietboutique and a side salad to share.

It is also possible to choose our Shared Dining menu ( 3 courses, € 49.50 per person). This menu offers you several dishes to share. This way you don’t have to miss any of our signature dishes!


Unfortunately MaMa Kelly also has a lot of No-Shows. To prevent this, we require a deposit of € 20.- per person for parties of 8 persons or more. On the day of the reservation, the deposit will be deducted from the final bill.
Of course it is still possible to change your reservation. Up to 24 hours prior to the reservation, this is without cost. Within 24 hours prior to the reservation, the deposit of the not-attending guests will not be returned/deducted from the final bill.

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