MaMa Kelly Amsterdam
Chicken and Lobster Goes Industrial

The second MaMa Kelly is a fact. Located in Amsterdam, which is actually quite a logical choice. After the successful chicken and lobster pop-up during the Horecava in 2015, MaMa knew quite sure that a next establishment had to eventually come to the capital city. The reactions during and after the event were overwhelming. It immediately felt like even this city had already embraced MaMa Kelly.

Historical Building

After a serious search, MaMa ended up at the Olympic Stadium, following the well-known motto of designer and co-owner Rein Rombaldo: “bad locations don’t exist”. A place that looks nothing like the Caballero Factory of The Hague, but at the same time still does; another historical building outside of the city center.

However, things will be done a bit different here. It was never the intention to take The Hague and put it in Amsterdam. Interior wise, for example, we have chosen something completely different. We want to stay creative and keep renewing. That means that every establishment is unique. Just like how every MaMa is unique. Despite her different looks, she will always have the same character. So, chicken and lobster will remain the signature dishes and the high levelled hospitality will prevail because yes, we know what made us big.